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State Farm’s “Celebrate My Drive” event

High-school students were asked to text and drive Monday — on a virtual road. Students got behind the wheel of a simulator-equipped car in one of the high school’s hallways. The simulator set up driving scenarios, responded to students’ actions and gave them a report at the end about how often they sped, how many […]

It Can Wait Campaign Featured on

Great news came out about the It Can Wait Campaign started by cell phone provider AT&T in partnership with the Peers Foundation; cell phone providers Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile have joined AT&T and also adopted the campaign.   You will start to see the anti-texting while driving campaign message at major retailers such as Best […]

Reality Check: Alcohol Abuse Awareness

Reality Check is a fast-paced trivia program that gives students a chance to show off their knowledge in an elimination-style program. Questions involve some current events, pop culture, and random facts, as well as a strong emphasis relating to drug and alcohol awareness. This program makes a real lasting impression on students; through interactive play, […]

PEERS Awareness brings Driving Simulator to Washington D.C. Health Fitness Expo

Each year in the Washington D.C. area NBC4 the local news affiliate hosts a Health and Fitness Expo. This year PEERS was on hand with their Texting Driving Simulator. It was a great opportunity for anyone adults or young adults to try it out and get a real life experience on distracted driving. You ativan […]

PEERS Driving Simulator Gives Students A Failing Grade

At Keystone Central School in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania allowed student to get behind a wheel and experience the consequences first hand of driving distracted while texting.  According to the article by Scott Johnson for, the students failed miserably with speeding, swearving off the road, into other lanes and even hitting pedestrians. The students themselves found […]

PEERS Partners With State Farm For A Montana School Distracted Driving Tour

State Farms Insurance in conjunction with the PEERS, a health and wellness foundation based in Grand Rapids, MI completed a four school tour in Montana to provide students an opportunity to experience distracted driving.  The experience starts with students sitting behind the wheel of an actual vehicle and wear goggles displaying distracted and impaired driving […]

(Video) PEER Awareness on the NBC Today show!

Check out the link below to see Matt Lauer and Meredith Veira talk about distracted driving: And check out this interview with a student before and after our simulator:

(Video) PEER Awareness in Charlotte, NC

Check out the full article, here.

(Video) Simulator Interview at Palm Beach State College

A great interview with one of our technicians at a show at Palm Beach State College–Check it out!

(Video) PEER Awareness on WPTV in West Palm Beach

Check out this article about PEER Awareness on WPTV News in West Palm Beach, FL.